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Happy girl, happy goddess

Release Date: 2017-03-08

Someone says the woman is picturesque, such as a Guilin Scenery, elegant, magic;

Some people say that women smoke, as if mild and hazy Jiangnan Water Village, quiet and quiet;

Some people say that a woman is like a song, like a waterfall such as training, cheerful and passionate;

Someone says the woman is like water, like the mountain clear brook, pure, moist;

A woman is a God, a spirit, a spirit,

We are happy girls, happy goddess

Twenty year old woman is Lily, pure beauty;

Thirty year old woman is an orchid, noble and tastefully laid out;

A forty year old woman is a rose, yanyaqunfang;

For the flowers you send the most beautiful blessing, may you happy flower!




Today is the goddess's day, let's embrace today.








Flowers have sunshine before they are bright;

Fish with water before they can leisurely;

Love is warm in life;

Happiness is accompanied by a happy goddess;

That family, side, business trip, the distance of the male gods, to your goddess sent the most sincere blessing!


Happy holidays to all the goddesses! Is our goddess of beauty beautiful? Tongtong, Xing Xing today do not speak, only to see your point of praise