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Meet, accompanied by (with memories of 2016, to celebrate the new year)

Release Date: 2017-06-29

Dear Tong Xing family:

At this moment, when you open the pages of the United States, you are leaving your job with a heart of homecoming, and far away they are the people you are most worried about and want to see. Family members, winter in the home is cold, perhaps rain or snow, remember to bring a few thick clothes to keep warm.

Family, thank you for choosing Tong Xing in many enterprises, the choice and Tong Xing struggle together, develop together, meet a margin, thank you for your trust and recognition of Tong Xing, is also Xiangzhi margin, Zhiyu is well. Our trust and support are the driving force of our progress. Thank you for your loyalty and dedication. You have created a great deal of success with a strong sense of responsibility and creativity.

For a long time, accompanied with Tong Xing, the culture is to create a "home" atmosphere, Tong Xing is a lifetime commitment to follow Tong Xing, follow our parents, no matter in the past, the future, our parents, will take us to pursue a dream, for the future.

Dear Tong Xing family members:

Every good staff behind cannot do without a warm family and loved ones to support, respect the families, are you cultivate our employees diligent spirit and noble sentiment, you gave them the confidence to overcome difficulties and strength, is your family virtues excellent wind guiding staff forward, thank you for the trust of the Tong Xing, Xing Tong loved ones to the door. Thank you for taking the initiative in taking care of your family and taking care of your children, so that employees can feel at ease in their own positions. Thank you all for your success and your dedication and dedication! Tong Xing will not live up to everyone's trust and hope, provide the stage for employees to display their talent, for staff development, environment and create a good working atmosphere. Family members, Tong Xing is worthy of everyone to follow the enterprise. Here, I hope our family members usually communicate with each other, communicate with each other, understand each other, and aim for happy work and happy life. Happy forever.

The families of the kids, your mom, Baba is very good in the work yo, they are your baby's example, it is because you Baba, hemp excellent, have you now wonderfull life, quick to say "hard Baba, Ma"! Give them some credit


















Family members and babies, our Shenzhen headquarters office environment is like this.








Family members and babies, our Wuhan R & D center office environment is like this.



Families and babies, your relatives, working environment and working partners are like this, beautiful women, handsome guy, super regiment struck.
























Family and the baby, beautiful, is there a kind of can't stop feeling, we continue in the coming year, believe in us, we will be getting better and better!

Several colleagues travel for business reasons, not in our album, and say "hard work" to them here"!

Finally, Tong Xing wishes all Tong Xing people and their families happy new year, family harmony and happiness!

Happy new year to all of you! Happy new year, healthy growth and success in your studies!